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About Thrive Health & Hydration

The original and best IV Hydration Therapy in Sioux City, Iowa with a team of professionals serving Siouxland. Now also offering Prescription Weight-Loss Therapy!

Welcome to Thrive Health & Hydration
Cassidy Walker, Certified Nurse Practitioner and Owner/Operator

Certified Nurse Practitioner 
and Owner/Operator

Hello! I'm Cassidy Walker, a board-certified nurse practitioner with over 9 years of nursing experience! I'm proud to have been the first professional to bring IV therapy to the Siouxland area. 


Built to encourage patients to thrive, we focus on whole-body health and wellness through IV Hydration Therapy and Medicated Weight-Loss Therapy.


Make an appointment at our Gordon Drive location downtown, or choose the mobile service option where we meet you in the comfort of your own home!

My Mission and Vision

At Thrive Health & Hydration, our mission is to provide exceptional IV hydration and medicated weight loss services that promote optimal health, wellness, and confidence for our clients. We are dedicated to offering safe, effective, and personalized solutions that harness the power of intravenous therapies and medically supervised weight loss programs. Through our expert team of professionals and high-quality products, we aim to deliver a comprehensive and transformative experience that surpasses expectations, enabling individuals to achieve their desired weight goals and improve their overall well-being.

Thrive Health & Hydration Business Card
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